Project wins award

CityScope town planners is proud to be associated with the prestigious O R Tambo Office Campus, the new headquarters of the Department of International Relations & Cooperation in Soutpansberg Road, Pretoria. This project has recently won the overall award for “Innovative Excellence in Property Development” from The SA Property Owners Association (SAPOA).

The development of the office campus was the result of the Re Kgabisa Tshwane project of the National Government and the City of Tshwane to create suitable accommodation for the national departments, through Public Private Partnerships (PPP). The building of 138 570m2 was built by the Imbumba-Aganang Consortium and designed by TC Design Architects in association with ACG Architects. The complex which houses 2 500 staff members of the department and 1 500 parking bays, was officially opened in 2009 and cost R1.2bn to develop. The building includes a state of the art Conference Facility, designed to house the African Union and South African Development Community (SADC) conferences.

CityScope town planners was part the Transaction Advisor team, taking responsibility for:

• Determination of the spatial requirements of the Department;
• Analysis of various locations for settlement and procuring of the selected site;
• Gathering of all relevant data and particulars of the site (i.e. zonings, servitudes, etc) for use by the professional team;
• Assistance to the team in preparation of tender documents;
• Launching of a township establishment process for the relevant zonings;
• Participation in public liaison meetings;
• Delivering a “clean site” to the private party.

After the private party took occupation of the site for construction, CityScope acted in the role of review consultant for the department in monitoring the actions of the contractor’s own professional team.

In presenting the award, the SAPOA adjudication panel described the project as embodying a functional and efficient use of space for staff and the public, which is further enhanced by high standards of green design principles.