CityScope assists with abandoned babies

For the last few years CityScope town planners has been involved with the creation of safe houses for abandoned babies. The AFM Executive Welfare Council is probably the pioneer in the provision of shelters for the most vulnerable of our communities, the babies that are the victims of unfortunate circumstances. CityScope has been working with the AFM EWC in procuring the necessary land-use rights for these institutions country wide on either reduced professional fees or in certain cases even on a Pro Deo basis.

A baby halfway house (place of safety) typically consists of a converted dwelling, preferably within the residential area, with provision for facilities for up to 16 babies. The baby house is managed by a couple, often with own children, in order to create a homely atmosphere. Babies in need of care can be admitted any time day or night and can stay from between overnight to 3 or 4 months. Most babies are either rescued from dangerous situations by welfare workers, or found abandoned, or may be left orphaned following accidents or due to HIV AIDS.

After a baby is stabilised, cleaned and fed, or recovered from injuries or trauma, a decision can be made to either return to his/her family, provided circumstances have improved, or they can be placed in foster care or be adopted by new parents.

CityScope staff is proud to be associated with this worthy cause and hope to be playing a part in the survival of many children in future. Refer to "Links" to view the good work done by uMephi and please consider making a contribution yourself.

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