CityScope celebrates 10 years of excellence

CityScope town planners recently reached the milestone of 10 years as independent consultancy. In celebrating this anniversary, we are launching this new look web portal, linked to a different corporate image, termed 'Ten years and Beyond'. We would like to extend a very sincere thanks to all our loyal existing clients, as well as supportive associates in numerous professional teams, estate agents and other contacts who have all contributed to the success of the firm. The management of the firm also wants to thank all past and present staff for their long dedicated hours, loyalty and entusiasm which brought us to this point.
It also pays to reflect a bit on the colourful the past of the firm.

Danie Saayman joined VKE Consulting Engineers in 1988 in establishing a Town Planning Division in the Pretoria Office. Initially the Division was seen as a means of securing more private sector clients for the engineering services of the firm which was, until then, more focussed on government contracts. Successes of the town planning division contributed to various engineering sections breaking into new markets, or strenghtening existing markets, notably the Geotechnical Division, Electrical and Civil Sections, as well as the Soils Laboratory. Landmark projects such as Pecanwood Golf Estate and Emperors Casino and were successfully completed. Though the association with VKE International various projects were targetted and undertaken in cross border regions, such as Gabon, Zambia, Tanzania, Botswana, Mozambique and Swaziland.

In October 1999, the VKE Town Planning Division was ready for new challenges and Danie took over the majority shareholding of a subsidary company, transferred all staff to the new entity and started work under the new name of CityScope town planners. In the course to the following years he bought back the remaining shares from VKE Investment Trust, as well as sold back his shares in VKE and since has been trading as a wholly independent company. We cannot neglect to honour the legacy of the VKE Town Planning Division, which has set a firm foundation for CityScope to build on and also not to recognise the generous efforts of the VKE management and staff for their support, guidance, mentorship and encouragement during the infancy stages of the firm.
We look forward for a very exiting 10 years ahead and pleadge our best services to clients and associates in the development field.