CityScope goes 'green'

CityScope town planners is supporting all efforts to be environmentally responsible citizens, but it means little if you do not put words to deeds.

For one, the firm has recently embraced the information technology by decentralising the office. This enables staff to work from any preferred location, without the necessity of attending office every day. In order to maintain contact with each other, a centralised computer network was established and all remote locations are connected via broad band to the complete database on the server. Day to day communication takes place via Skype or video conferencing. This arrangement does not only result in staff spending on average an hour per day more productive, but travelling by private vehicles was reduced by almost 50%.

Secondly, an active campaign of recycling was established. Not only is all waste paper from the office stored for recycling, but staff is encouraged to also collect all glass, plastic and metal from their own households in separate containers and deliver to a centralised collection point. It is interesting how quickly recycling becomes a lifestyle and one becomes very concious of littering, reduce, reuse and recycling.

Lastly CityScope actively promotes amongst clients the use of renewable energy, in the form of wind and solar generation, the reuse of gray water for irrigation of gardens en composting sewer systems, which produces gass and fertilizer.

Clients can be assured of ongoing excellent service and even increased productivity, while acting responsible towards the environment.